Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Observatory at Mt Lemmon... Amazing!

Adam Block is a Professor from the University of Arizona.  He designed the program and was our instructor.  He is a well known astrologist.  
This observatory is the 2nd largest telescope in the world and is better than Kit Peak near Tucson.  We promised Adam we would advertise Mt Lemmon for him.  Adam also designed Kit Peak Observatory and says Mt Lemmon Observatory is better.  Of course, he earns more from the U of A (who funds his Mt Lemmon project)...but who is counting if it is the best.  It was a wonderful experience.  Outstanding !!!

Before going up to the observatory,  we watched the last two minutes of the sunset and just as it goes down.
We saw the green lining  (some call it the green flash.)  It was very exciting !!!   All of what we saw in the observatory was photographed by Adam and sent to my email.  Available from me upon request.  Just know it was fantastic !!!
Before we saw the green flash at the edge of the setting sun, Adam turned and cast his shadow on the building. Who could guess what color our shadows are?  If you said black, you are wrong.   If you said blue, congratulations for being smarter than most of us there!

One pic of many that we experienced.  We truly are connected to Heavenly Father and his creations.  In this immense universe, we must never forget what our Heavenly said, " that the worth of each soul is great in the sight of God."

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