Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saint George, Easter Plans and... It's Going to Be Hard Taking Off My Missionary Tag!

Bill and I are leaving now for Saint George.  We are going to stay overnight there and drive in to Utah tomorrow.  I will be staying there with Lorinda and then Cherie, until April 23, so I can be there for Easter on Sunday and Jonas' and Lorinda's birthday on April 22.  
Bill will go spend that whole time and Easter with his sons, daughter and grandchildren (there is a lot going on there for him).  We will be going to Idaho on April 23, where we will finally be released from our mission by our stake president sometime after that.  
In the meantime, we are still on our mission.  In fact, I did some missionary work at the pageant last night and will be doing it with my name tag on until I am released.  After that, I will strive to be a good member missionary forever.  The work is true!  It has been an honor to serve Jesus Christ and bear testimony of Him and wear His name on the tag I joyfully have been wearing every day.  When I have to take the tag off, it will be, I think, like tearing part of my heart out. :(  
I feel like I could drive back to Tucson and Green Valley right now and serve another year... or forever!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mesa, Arizona Visit

After our last meeting and saying goodbye, we arrived in Mesa at about noon.  Mesa is a 2 hour drive from Tucson. 

We met Bill's sister and niece and their husbands in Mesa and attended the Mesa Temple Easter pageant in the evening. About 6,000 people attend each night and the pageant ends on Saturday.

Farewell Arizona Tucson Mission!!

I love this mission logo.

Last Day in Tucson... an Early Morning!

After packing half the night, we went to a meeting at 7am with President and Sister Killpack.  There were about 200 other missionaries there. Some were just arriving to the mission (6) and others going home (10) and others just being transferred to new locations. 
  The President interviewed us and the office staff gave us a nice plaque and a book of all the missionaries who have served here.  Very nice and a precious keepsake!

The mission office staff met us at the door and gave us this beautiful plaque.

Our precious gift and we just pray we have lived up to what it says.  We certainly did what we could most of the time but feel we are leaving a lot undone.  Now we will just have pray for and support those who come behind us.

Many Thanks!

Thank you, office staff, and thank you Heavenly Father for allowing us to serve in the great Tucson Arizona Mission.  We have grown to love all of God's children in this mission area and pray for them that the Gospel will spread more and more in their hearts as they accept  Jesus Christ and His true Gospel.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Arivaca Ranch Visit

We are going to the Arivaca Ranch today. It is a part of our ward boundary but is 25 miles southwest of Green Valley.
Members Ron and Peggy Searle own this boys ranch, where they help boys from all over the United States. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014