Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brother and Sister Halvorsen Visit

Just left the home of Bro and Sister Halvorsen  (Alias candy bomber)  It is so hard to leave marvelous people like them who live in our ward.  They are ward missonaries so they have been a strength to us in so many ways.....besides showing us great Arizona hospitality.  He is 93 and she is 89.  
There will be a new film at the legacy theatre this fall (in Joseph Smith building).  The Halvorsen's and 4 other people from different places around the world will have their stories told in this film.  There was a sneak preview in SLC two weeks for them, the general authorities and others.  They told us about it and they had such a wonderful time......can we just imagine?  
But for now....we just arrived back home and can look forward to seeing them in the Provo-Orem area when they visit their family there and where they go to their second home....a ranch in Spanish Fork.  They told us to come visit them and they want to meet our families. 

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