Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Day with 3 Wonderful Meetings!

We went to the dentist today and the assistant set up a time for us to teach her.  Her husband was a member, passed away and now she wants to know what he testified to her that he knew !!!  She is very excited.   
Then at the ward family history center, a non-member who was there every time I have been, was leaving to go back to her home in Canada in the foyer we talked about the church, which we couldn't do before. She wanted a Book of Mormon, and plans on going through SLC Temple square. I have her name and address (referral sent).
Next, we went to a hospital in Tucson to visit our friend, Cornell, who lives down the hallway from us at the Peaks.  He fell and had hip and shoulder surgery (sad). He is our good friend and we have been teaching him. He is 86, from Romania, lived in SLC for a few years and is an incredibly intelligent professional man. He is very spiritual. We had a wonderful experience with him today.  
After that, we hurried back to Green Valley (40 min south of Tucson) by 7pm for a meeting with Glen Greer, a formerly less active member but now very active.  We have been teaching him since last September. He comes to church all the time now (he had not come before) and he was just ordained a Priest a month ago. He was interviewed Sunday by the Bishop so he could become an Elder.  We will miss going through the temple with him to be endowed in June when he will also do his deceased wife's work and be sealed to her.  He is a home teacher now and Stake Single Adult Rep. A great guy who runs the Baja in Mexico with his super duper jeep. We taught him a lesson from the manual "Teachings of Joseph Smith" (which I don't have now because he was so interested in the lesson that I gave him the book !!!)  We gave the lesson on the experiences Joseph Smith had in liberty jail.  He was so touched by them,  The spirit was really strong.  He is an incredible guy... He is a miracle and we wrote about him and submitted it to be put in a mission book on miracles
So now... off to bed ...after a wonderful day of picture discoveries and extradinary missionary experiences.  Quite an amazing day !!!  It ranks among the top days I've experienced here on the mission.

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